thegoonies : music

our mp3 archive will include as much live and studio material as we can get. the music isn't a product,, it's meant to be enjoyed.

An integral part of thegoonies, our lyrics bring language to the music. plus, who can understand the words without a lyricsheet anyway?

the live show represents the 3rd element of thegoonies tri-force. if you are interested in what we do, please try and come see us play.

a number of photographers have offered to let us show their work on this site. please ask their permission before reproducing the images.

thegoonies are a band. we play music and everything else stems from that. the songs we write reflect our personalities and our individual life experiences. it is important to note the role that you play as a member of the audience.

the term 'audience' has an immediate, inert essence to it. the word implies that as a member of the audience, you are limited to acting as a viewer and never a participant. this preconception has erected an invisible wall between bands and audience members. it's time to start dismantling that wall and making some real connections.

even when bands try to make contact and start dialogues, it is within that preset idea. for example; singers will talk about the songs and try to explain what they mean. the audience is expected to choose their response from a few prefab selections. possible acceptable responses are: clapping, catcalling or ignoring.

each time a song is performed, the artwork is recreated! that is why even though a band may play the same setlist, one show can be amazing and another can make you want to crawl into a hole.

why can't an audience member contribute? maybe to an individual outside of the band the music or the lyrics have a special meaning. this new spin on the song can change the way that everyone in the room will react to the music. now we've kicked it up a notch! (as emril would say.) BAM! now EVERYONE is a PERFORMER!