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the lyrics are a crucial part of whole thegoonies package. we hand them out on photocopied sheets at shows, because it's simply not possible for us to record all the songs and lawd knows you can't understand a thing i'm screaming,, but we REALLY want you to have them.
i didn't include lyrics that are on the split CD, simply because i assume that a lot people have them already. if you want me to post those lyrics, just write and let me know.

consumed (top)
i can't escape the grasp of advertisement
constantly told to worship enterprisement
billboards and soundbites shoved down my throat
but blaming the companies is simply naming scapegoats

the real responsibility lies in us
and what we choose to do
if we continue buying into their crap
the only guilty ones are me ( me! ) and you

don't fall victim to the accepted crime
of judging worth with dollar signs
who prescribed this commitment to profit
and what will they do when we turn our backs? ( when we turn our- )

( i won't take the easy way out )
( i won't let myself be a- )
a mindless pawn serving only to consume
the sourceless role we blindly assumed
without questioning to what you strive
how will you know what its really like to be a-
( i won't take the easy way out )
( i will find out what it means to be a- )
mindless pawn serving only to consume
the sourceless role we blindly assumed
without questioning to what you strive
how will you know what its really like to be alive

be alive! what its really like to be ALIVE!
be alive! not just survive,, what its really like to fucking BE ALIVE

heartless (top)
the age old tradition continues on
drink it straight,
with a date rape chaser,
just masculine fun?

now i feel guilty
being who i am,
you stole from me,
a life of normal sexuality

unrestrained anger
coursing through these veins,
i can't explain,
why it hurts me,, to hate you so much

how do you live with yourself?
being who you are,
and knowing what you've done,
the thought of you makes me want to kill/die

it tears me up inside
i can't convince myself
please tell me!
i need to know i'm different
i need to know my feelings aren't the-- same.

so lucky (top)
she falls to her knees
tears hit the floor
as the door
slams behind her back
and her hands form a seal
over her ears
as she tries
to block out the screams
and her own fears
from filling the suffocating cell

franticly tugging on the knob
palms pressed against the frame
i stare inside horrified
before bursting in-

but as hard as i try
i can never truly sympathize
with the feeling behind those eyes
because of what swings between my thighs.

holding her head in my hands
( her tears wet my fingertips and )
i finally realize how lucky i have been
to be born with this penis
i was born with fair skin
but i can't get caught up feeling guilty
it's my responsibility
to use the advantages i've been given
to help this white male privelege find it's end

her face buried in my chest
i look around the room
the entire ceiling is made of glass
and all i want to do is get her through.

at the ankles (top)
let's build on a century of external growth
with two minute moments with internal revolution
( free your mind and open your eyes )
we're all here the setting is perfect
let's scream for the solution

no longer simply passive and accepting
we're questioning and we're selecting
tossing out the bilge that needs rejecting
the world we live in needs our perfecting

apathy is just a useful fiction
to hide your inherent fear
of putting yourself out on the line
and finding failure there

stuffed beneath years of being told
that you could never win
there is success and happiness inside of you
have the strength to look within

we're tied at the ankles
we'll fall as one
we're tied at the ankles
we'll fail together
but most of all-
we will share ( in our eventual triumphs )

the theme (top)
you built up walls to keep yourself from thinking
you wear your imperfections like a crown
the drugs make you feel great while you are up there
and now its time to knock you down!


we are the goonies don't try to fight us
our actions speak much louder than your words
everything you do just unites us
watch out or you'll get,, burned

not another imitation
we're the next generation
not another imitation
we're the next generation!


no more (top)
blood is rushing through your ears
you've been screaming and crying; your face is red
your heart is pounding and you punch the wall
heaving, you collapse on an unmade bed

no more
no more

crank up the radio and slam the door
you don't want to think or hear anymore
but your parents are in the kitchen, staring at the floor
wondering what happened to the kid they had before

no more
no more

why am i subject to such a stupid cliché?
treated like i have nothing useful to say
they've no idea what i've got planned
how can i make them understand?!

frustrated (top)
i'm thinking so much
it's killing me
searching for something
i can't even see

spending so much time on this
when time is something
i just can't dismiss

18 years old
youth is slipping away
feel like i'll be 35
any day

in the passenger's seat for a scowling session
staring out the window with a plaster expression
landscape rushes by and my legs are aching
my friends don't comment on conversations i'm not making
getting older; i'm not growing up
trying and learning never gonna stop
getting older; i'm not growing up
trying and learning never gonna stop

stagnant mediocrity
is making me sick!
how do you live your life
dwelling in it?!
its time to exist!
we've got to resist!!


wasting away day after day wasting away


unthinking (top)
with high school over, you feel so small
like you're of no consequence at all
everybody has a brand new world view
it seems they've all but forgotten you

and you don't care
that's why i'm so fucking scared
who knows what you'll do
when you discover --

and you don't care
that's why i'm so fucking scared
who knows what you'll do
when you discover that --

no one cares
what you say
no one cares
what you do
no one cares
you're so scared

the way it is (top)
"what do you mean 'that's just the way it is'?"
i exclaimed, exasperated at his catch-all admonition
he shook his head and made no effort in hiding his disrespect
as he told me that my attitude would get me nowhere.

but i know there's more to see
than just shadows on a cave wall in front of me
so that's why i extinguish the fires that blind us
and turn us inside to liars.

it was a moment before i looked around
and noticed i was alone.
the argument was with myself
and the voices were my own.
born on a middle school playground
he'll be with us till we're dead
the question is whether we hand over control
or will we think for ourselves instead?
i'm not a liar.
i'm not a fake.
i won't listen tonite
or ever again.

the acquaintance (top)
pass each other on the street
we nod,, we grunt,, we bleat,,
drop our heads and shuffle our feet.

eye to eye yet miles away
we start,, we stop,, we say,,
"it's nothing." and it goes away.

once the moat is dug and the tower is built
you'll look around and assure yourself
that you don't need anyone else.

but i feel like morrissey
and it means more to me
than any
than any living thing on earth.