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i asked donny to write a history and here is what he gave me. ;)

Ideas can't be destroyed. Just as energy is conserved within the physical universe, ideas are sustained within the complexity of each and every individual's mind. By sustained I don't mean stagnant or unmoving in position, in fact I am suggesting that ideas are sustained by way of constant evolution spurred on by the interference of new ideas. Old and New ideas work as sperm and egg to conceive new ideas. Unlike biological conception, which relies on heterosexuality, the conception of ideas must involve an open consideration of ideas from all kinds of people and things. For this to be successful we must not seek to deny things, but rather seek to affirm the relationship of all things within our personal evolution.

The Goonies are a collective of individual minds dedicated to creating together as an amalgamated unit. We obsess ourselves with growth, both as individuals and as a whole. We offer our ideas to the extended members of the collective (sometimes referred to as "audience") as often as possible. By doing so we are presenting our egg/sperm to the orgy of mental conception (sometimes referred to as "a show") in hope of finding partners with whom new ideas can be born.

Several things are needed for this to work. As stated before, no ideas can be denied because all ideas rely on the interrelationship of each other for their existence. None are more valuable than others for our purpose and all ideas have a value that is inherit in the fact of their reality. We seek to be promiscuous and conceive with strangers and friends alike. If we practice incest, the growth of new ideas may be slower than if we seek out others, thus diversity is greatly encouraged. We invite everyone to come to a "show" and release tension with us in hope of leaving at the end in a mental post-orgasmic haze.